Have you all seen these?  Hostess has launched three ice cream flavors that celebrate their most popular snack cakes!

Hostess is invading the freezer aisle at your favorite grocery with three limited edition flavors: Twinkies, CupCake and Sno Balls!  I have a carton of Twinkies ice cream in my freezer at home.  It's pretty good, though I think it's telling that I haven't cleaned out the carton yet.  For me, the idea was better in theory than in practice.

However, this idea was brilliant!  Our afternoon guy, Dave Spencer, just abhors Sno Balls.  He feels the same way about those snacks as I do mustard and cottage cheese.  So, when I found out that Hostess was releasing a limited edition ice cream flavor fashioned after Sno Balls, I knew we had to somehow trick Dave into trying it.  And we did!

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