Hayley Payne, a singer-songwriter from Owensboro, KY, has had a really exciting month. Just this past weekend, she played Nashville's famed Bluebird Cafe for the first time ever. Her whole family was there to watch her play in that iconic setting.

Here's a great shot shared by her brother, Ethan.

Ethan Payne
The Paynes

In the last few weeks, Hayley also released a brand new song, one she considers her "best ever."

Here's the official video for "Runnin' Late".

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It's that video that just earned Hayley an incredible shout out and praise from CMT.  Hayley was one of several artists featured on CMT's Facebook page.

Over the weekend, the popular country music channel shared a social media post that featured Hayley.  Check this out!

Of course, fans back here in Hayley's hometown were quick to share.

Linda Smith, who fronts the Linda Smith Band (based in Birdseye, IN) shared the post and said, "Check out Hayley Payne's song! Congrats!"

Mandy Hart shared, "Check out Hayley Payne's CMT video! LOVE IT!"

Ethan Payne
The Paynes

Carrie Jackson-Whitmer said, "Proud of you, Hayley Payne!"

Mary Tresnak, a big fan as well, said, "If you haven't checked Hayley Payne out when I overshared her previously, you should!"

Not only is Mary sharing, heck, CMT is too!

In addition to sharing Hayley's photo on their social media post, CMT posted her video on their website. In fact, you can FOLLOW THIS LINK to see all the videos in Hayley's company this week.  Or, as CMT puts it, "CMT Music Videos, All in One Spot."

Here's Hayley talking about the honor and her excitment.

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