Owensboro singer-songwriter Hayley Payne has been busy over the last few months.  She's been working on a brand new song which she is officially releasing today.  It's called "History."

Hayley says the inspiration for "History" was a conversation with her mom.  They were talking about "couples who break up and get back together 100 times, even though they swore they hated each other" the week before.  Hayley's mom said, "I guess there's just too much history there."  Hayley replied, "That doesn't mean it's a good thing."  Well, BOOM!  The seed for the song was planted.

Hayley sat down and wrote it in about thirty minutes. Eventually, she wrangled the help of Carson Bruce, who produced the final version.  And, well, I guess we can say that the rest is history.  Hayley says, "I think this is a topic a lot of people can relate to!"

And, of course, at WBKR this morning we got the chance to debut the song.

Take a listen!

The song drops today and is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, TikTok and other streaming services.

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