By now, we Western Kentuckians are well aware of the fact that when the total solar eclipse happens on August 21st and will be visible from the northwest United States to the southeast United States, we'll be right on top of the best viewing location.

And while the majority of Americans will be no more than one or two hours away from being able to get a good look at it, Hopkinsville has been pinpointed as THE place to set your camp chair and look toward the heavens.

But if you're going down, BEFORE you go down, check out the Eclipse Megamovie Simulator.

(It sounds like something Bugs Bunny's nemesis, Marvin the Martian, devised--the Eclipse Megamovie Sim U Lay TORRRR.)

You put in your location and the Simulator will tell you the EXACT time you need to be looking up so you will see the eclipse in its totality.

And, of course, don't do that unless you have your handy-dandy pinhole eclipse viewer, like the ones we made in middle school when we had an eclipse.

Oh, and one more thing.

Hopkinsville IS the best place in the entire country to get the longest view of the eclipse, but if you don't need the full 2:41, there are maps like this one that illustrate the "path" of the eclipse.

Happy viewing!







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