Yesterday I posted about the "Nashville Network" got me to thinking about what I used to watch before I got cable tv, and believe it or not kids of today back then we had to use a thing called an antenna it looked like rabbit ears sitting on top of our 19 inch tv and that was considered a big tv back then and if we were lucky we picked up maybe 4 channels on a good night. So thank your lucky stars for satellite & cable tv with more channels than you know what to do with. Anyway I watched Hee Haw every week, it was a real country variety show with comedy sketches, country music stars, southern belles and alot more! It had a great run on CBS from 1969 -1993. You can buy all the seasons of Hee Haw on DVD!


Rindercella - My oldest boy who had never watched Hee Haw, watched this clip and laughed his butt off ...Switching letters on words is find of kun HA HA I mean kind of fun!


Grandpa whats for supper?!?!

A variety of clips into one!

Pee Little Thrigs - Funny Stuff!