I was scrolling through my Facebook feed a couple of days ago and noticed an important post from Henderson County High School.  Officials kicked off the New Year by reminding students that cell phones and earbuds are strictly prohibited in the hallways of the school.  Take a look at the FB post.  It explains why the policy is in place.


As someone who attended high school before the advent of cell phones, I can't even really begin to imagine what school hallways look like with them.  But, as you can see, Henderson County High School is taking measures to prevent any issues potentially caused by the distraction of phones and ear buds.

While the school's initial post was shared by many parents and students, there wasn't much commentary on the Henderson County High School Facebook page.  However, Anne Daugherty said, "Good rule and much needed!"

Here at WBKR, we want to know your thoughts.  Do you think students should have their cell phones at school?  And, please let us know if your child's school has a similar policy.

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