First of all, fellow Kentuckians, let's all be thankful that that silly stereotype about not wearing shoes because we live here has worn out its welcome. I don't hear that anymore from out-of-staters.

But there are a few things we Kentuckians probably have to remind those who are visiting and, maybe, they not be the types of things that leap immediately to mind.

I've actually surprised friends and relatives who don't live here when I've mentioned some of the brutal winters we've had.

They couldn't believe our snow totals reached double digits on two separate occasions in FEBRUARY and MARCH of 2015.

Yeah, that's right. We get snow. We're Kentucky, not Hawaii.

And, yes, we do tend to obsess about the weather because when we're not getting extreme heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter, we're serenaded by the odd civil defense siren when tornado warnings pop up at ANY. GIVEN. TIME. OF. THE. YEAR.

Next up, let's talk in, if you're not from Kentucky and you get here and wind up surrounded by Kentuckians (and you will be), start talking about John Calipari and Rick Pitino and the Wildcats and the Cardinals.

But take the temperature of the room before you commit to a side.

On we go...

If you're not from Kentucky, you will be spotted immediately if you say LOUIE-ville, or, God forbid, LEWIS-ville. (And, honestly, I've only ever heard THAT once. Had no idea what the person was talking about.)

Well, you have to go no further than Dick Vitale. When calls a Louisville basketball game, he says LOUIE-ville.

When Jay Bilas, for example, does it, he says LOU-uh-vul.

He knows.

Speaking of pronunciation, we have a good time with the French language here in Kentucky.

Versailles, when pronounced VER-SIGH, is a castle in Paris.

Versailles, when pronounced VER-SAILS, is a town in central Kentucky.

And, one more thing before we move on...Robards, when pronounced ROE-BARDS, is the last name of a great Oscar-winning actor.

Robards, when pronounced ROBBERDS, is a town in Henderson County.

There's a complete 15-item list here of what we Kentuckians have to tell visitors, but those above are my favorites.


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