There has only ever been a handful of series on HGTV that I have found interesting since its inception. But My Lottery Dream Home is one of them.

HGVT Helps Find Kentucky Home for Cincinnati Lottery Winners

I think we all stop and fantasize a bit when the Powerball or Kentucky Lottery totals drift into the hundreds of millions. I know I do. But a couple in Cincinnati no longer has to daydream about winning the big jackpot. They did it. They won $5 million on a SCRATCH-OFF (I wish great luck could be taught; I am severely uneducated) and turned to the HGTV experts for a big dose of assistance.

Thanks to a $5 million scratcher win, a couple is ready to move from city life in Cincinnati to lake life in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. They're looking to move back where he spent his summers as a kid, and now David helps find the lake house of their dreams.

'My Lottery Dream Home' Host David Bromstad Hangs With Somerset KY Locals

That's David Bromstad, the host of My Lottery Dream Home, and he spends a lot of time each year doing just this...finding or helping to find homes for folks who have won a bundle. And, as part of his legwork, Bromstand met with realtors in the Somerset KY area. He also visited local restaurants like The Chalet Gourmet where he hung out with the staff.

David Bromstad always likes to meet the locals when he's navigating a couple toward their new dream home. This Somerset realtor even got to work with the crew:

The Incredible Beauty of Lake Cumberland

I don't know exactly where Bromstad searched for the couple's new home, but he had to be blown away by Lake Cumberland's beauty. Who knows? Maybe he'll return for another reason.

When to Watch the HGTV 'My Lottery Dream Home' Kentucky Episode

The episode "Lake Cumberland Dreaming" will air on HGTV on Friday, April 7th at 8 PM Central; Saturday, April 8th at 11 PM Central; and again on Monday, May 15th at 8:30 AM Central. It will also stream on Discovery+. By the way, at this time, there is no source that reveals the name of the couple moving to Lake Cumberland. So I guess we'll just meet them Friday evening, Saturday night, in mid-May, or whenever we jump on Discovery+.

[SOURCE: WTVQ-Lexington]

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