How cool is this! A Highland Elementary student’s idea is being added to the menu at the Artisan Café inside the Owensboro Convention Center! We had a chance to speak with the incredible 4th grader today.

Barb Birgy

During Highland Elementary School’s "Leaders in the Workplace Day" in March students were asked to come up with ideas for a food item that had one main ingredient that had to be included. 4th grader, Alex Willcox had the winning item and it will be featured on the menu. It's called Alex's BLT Taco and it's delicious!

We had the chance to taste test the BLT Taco and speak with it's creator, Alex Willcox!

Thanks Alex! It's as good as it looks.

Barb Birgy

The Artisan Café by Kentucky Legend is located on the first floor of the Owensboro Convention Center. Come for lunch!