When I was in college, I developed quite a reputation for being a danger to my friends during the winter.  I took my friend Todd sledding on the hill at Cherokee Park in Louisville one night when we got eight inches of snow.  His appendix ruptured and he had to have emergency surgery.  How did I know?  I thought he was just wimping out because he got tired of my friend Julia and me forcing him to be in the bottom of the sled while we piled on top of him to go down to the hill.  By the way, when I went to visit him in the hospital following his surgery, he pointed at me from his hospital bed and, with tubes in his nose, whispered, "You tried to kill me."  What a drama king.

Then, I talked my friend Matt into going snow skiing with me at Paoli Peaks.  He immediately started waving caution flags saying he had been skiing in years.  I told him to suck it up and come on.  The first hill we went down?  The Black Diamond.  I skied down it like the love child of Picabo Street and Bode Miller.  Matt blew out his knee and had to have surgery and months of rehab.

Clearly, I (or they) needed new friends.  LOL!

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But these videos are proof that I and my friends are not alone.  As I worked from home Monday and watched the snow fall outside, I decided to do a quick YouTube search for videos of epic snow sledding and snow tubing fails.  Guess what??!!!  I found some that are hilarious.

Exhibit A. This kid went flying and absolutely bit it.

Here's a fun collection from America's Funniest Home Videos.

And, as you saw in the AFV compilation, sometimes the family pets get in on the action.  However, no four-legged friend is as committed as this one.  Check this out!

Have YOU ever experienced a snow sledding fail?




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