Houston, we have a problem. I saw on Good Morning America last week that one of the worst fashion trends in history is set to make a major comeback in fashion for summer 2024. Jelly shoes.

I usually love whenever "vintage" or retro styles make their way back into popular trends, but there are certain accessories and items of clothing I refuse to support. Low rise jeans, stirrup pants, bodysuits, and jelly shoes are some of my boycotted wardrobe items. Absolutely NO THANK YOU. Never again. Mostly, the reason is because of how horribly uncomfortable they are. They say "beauty is pain," but every reasonable gal draws the line somewhere.


For some unknown reason, the "powers that be" who determine these fashion trends have decided that Jelly s hoes are cool again. They are either men who never wore them, or too young to remember when those torture devices were first popular. They're already all over Amazon and major retailers like Old Navy. I saw a review from a total liar that called them "comfortable!" In what universe?!

Good morning America explained, "Designers like Jeffery Campbell are blending the playful, whimsical essence of jelly shoes with contemporary elements making them not just a throwback but a fashionable statement for the summer. From runways to streetwear, jelly shoes are proving that their vibrant, quirky charm has a timeless appeal."


Come again? Have I taken "crazy pills?"

Jeffrey Campbell has apparently never smelled a Jelly shoe after it has been sweated in by a janky foot for hours. Or had to cover their toes in band-aids from glittery plastic rubbing their skin raw after a day at school.

Don't get me wrong, I think they are SO cute! I always have. I was super disappointed as a kid when I begged my mom to get me some and then ended up crying and hobbling down the hallway.

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That's why us GenXers and Millennials need to come together to save the younger generations from the horrors that persist in the form of a rubber sandal. Just tell them, "I don't think you're ready for this jelly!" I can show them the scars on my heels to prove it!

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