I am not much of a "pie" person. When it comes to ordering desserts, I rarely go for the pie. However, that all changes if someone's serving Derby-Pie. That pie had me at "Hello" years ago when my family visited the Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky. Yes! That's the official birthplace of the Derby-Pie.

The pie was created way back in 1950 by the restaurant's owners, Walter and Leaudra Kern and their son, George. DERBY-PIE quickly became a signature dish of the Melrose and it has quite a unique history- not only with its roots, but with how it got its famous, trademarked name.

As you saw in the video, The Melrose Inn is now Kern's Kitchen, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

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There's no doubt the family has protected the recipe as fervently as they have protected that secret recipe. Here's what we know about their famous and tasty DERBY-PIE. It has chocolate and nuts in it.

As you can imagine, there have been endless attempts to replicate the Kern's DERBY-PIE.

Here's one for example.

I found this one after a simple search on YouTube.

Here's another clear imitation, but a recipe that tries to come close to the original.

For me, I just buy the original. In fact, my local Kroger store here in Owensboro routinely stocks the Kern's DERBY-PIE in their bakery. If you've been to any grocery in this state, you likely have seen this!


Of course, you can always order direct from Kern's Kitchen as well. They're easy to find. The website is DerbyPie.com!


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