On a day like today (current temperature at 5:01PM is 73), I have visions of drive-in movies dancing in my head.

And just LIKE a kid before Christmas, I'm excited about the impending opening of the Holiday Drive-In in Reo for 2019.

And, boy, is it gonna be like an outdoor multiplex this year and every year going forward.

River City Weekend reports that a SIXTH screen has been added at the Holiday Drive-In.

And, although it won't be ready on opening day, it will be soon. Very cool.

When you go, you'll also notice that there will now be more restrooms.


But we're not done.

Holiday Drive-In (and this is big) has added a third concession stand.

And while it won't have as many options (no pizza, no fried foods), it's still a THIRD concession stand.

Gotta tell ya...in my opinion, there is no better concession stand than the Holiday Drive-In concession stand.

The menu rocks!

And now the menu will rock...TIMES THREE!

So get your camp chairs, lawn chairs, coolers, and repellent ready and enjoy the season.


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