On Friday, I had one our #EatLocal remote broadcasts at our brand new Mediterranean restaurant, Gyro House.  It opened at the end of February on Hwy 54.  It's located right across from Ritzy's at the intersection of 54 and Millers Mill Road.  And, naturally, the restaurant serves gyros and they are delicious.

In advance of my broadcast there, Angel and I were talking about Gyro House on our morning show and she just absolutely butchered the word.  And, I'll be honest, the only reason I know how to say the word correctly is because I have been to Greece and I go to New York City all the time and you can literally by them on every street corner.

So, when I visited Gyro House, I asked the owners how they wanted me to say it on the air- knowing that a lot of folks pronounce it a lot of different (and hysterically wrong) ways.  They showed me this video.  LOL!

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I don't remember this.  After all, I am RARELY awake when Jimmy Fallon's show is on.  But, apparently, he and Luke Bryan recorded a song called "I Don't Know How to Pronounce Gyro" debuted it during a bit on The Tonight Show.  In that bit, he and Luke walked out to a meat-on-the-street stand in NYC and Luke couldn't get the courage to order a gyro because he couldn't pronounce it.  #Hilarious

By the way, if you want to visit the Gyro House and order a gyro, this may come in handy.  Good luck and ENJOY!


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