I mean, seriously, this unbelievable tornado season that has ravaged the midwest and the deep south seems to have no end. Last night, local television was interrupted with the news that more tornado warnings had been issued up in southeast Illinois. And they were moving toward the northeast, so nobody in the immediate area was in danger. And, to date, I haven't heard news of any significant damage. But head west a few states, and there's a different story.

Now, I remember the first--and only, thank God--time I saw the movie "Twister." I don't know that I've ever heard worse dialogue. I did, however, give it credit for good visual effects--for its time. It was 15 years ago, after all. But, although this action film was classified as a drama, many of the tornado sequences had comic elements. We all remember the cow flying through the air, don't we? Well, I think Nebraska will see that film's cow and raise it a derailed freight train and hundreds of baseball fans fleeing for safety. My point is that I believe that 2011 effectively kills any juice that movie might still have. There's been absolutely nothing funny about the severe weather this country has endured the last three months. And one absolutely hopes that as we get deeper into summer, we can all finally catch a break.