I change my toothbrush every two weeks or so. I realize that's excessive and I have been told so by a variety of dentists throughout my life. I change my toothbrushes so often because I wear them out- quickly. The reason I change my toothbrushes excessively is because I brush my teeth excessively. The bristles don't stand a chance against the fury, passion and frequent occasions with which I brush. I had to have a gum graft when I was a junior in high school. My gums weren't receding because of genetics. They were receding because I was basically brushing them away.

While no one on Earth needs to change their toothbrush with this kind of frequency, there are times when you need to do it. Cold and flu season is certainly one of those times.

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Here are some words of wisdom (or should I say "words of wisdom teeth") that I have never considered and the advice comes on the heels of what's becoming a very active COVID and flu season here in Kentucky and Indiana.

Owensboro-based Ward Family Dentistry shared this on social media this week. Basically, it's the suggestion that, if you get sick (specifically with a respiratory illness), you should immediately change your toothbrush to protect yourself and others.

You read that, right? Bacteria and viruses can cling to your toothbrush. Okay, that's disgusting and it makes perfect sense to change out your brush to prevent yourself fro getting reinfected.

You can also see from the post that dentists recommend that, during normal circumstances, you should change your toothbrush approximately every three months. I most certainly have that one covered.

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