A tip about insect control from Cher?  I know it sounds bizarre, but it's true.  And she has actually learned the secret for keeping flies away.  And, let's be honest.  Flies suck!  Right?  I have noticed a lot of them this year.  They seem to be having a fly convention right outside my patio door just waiting for me to make a mistake and leave the door open so they can invade my kitchen.  However, I am onto their little scheme and I may have found a solution.  In a recent conversation with our Nashville gossip maven, Nashville Kat, we learned a proven method of keeping those pesky little flies away.  And Kat actually got this tip from Cher!  Yes.  THE Cher.  Take a listen . . .

Oh, by the way, you're gonna hear some news about Carrie Underwood and P!nk in the first part of this.  Just play along and wait for the tip.  Trust me!  It's worth it.

So, how about that?  And here's the thing.  It apparently works . . . like a charm.

Photo courtesy of Leisa Prater
Photo courtesy of Leisa Prater

I got this photo from my friend Leisa, who has baggies of water hanging above the doors of her house.  And, guess what?  She says she almost never gets flies in the house. She swears by it.  Nashville Kat swears by it.  And Cher swears by it.  And, hey!  If Cher is willing to hang baggies of water over the doors of her home in Malibu, I am willing to hang them over the doors of my house here in Owensboro.  I think you should too.  It's worth a shot, right?  I can't stand the thought of a fly jumping from one pile of dog doo to the next, then crash-landing on my sandwich in the kitchen.  That's really gross and I am fighting back.  Take that, you little bug-eyed freaks!




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