I always loved English class all through school, even into college. I minored in Writing, but sometimes even I can't get all the "when do you add an apostrophe to a last name" rules right. 

It's time to start thinking about sending out Christmas cards and the personal touch of a greeting from the whole family is always nice. But how in the heck do you make your last name plural and do you even need to use an apostrophe.

Here's the general rule. If your last name ends in any letter of the alphabet with the exception of s, x, z, ch or sh, you just use a plain old "s". Like "The Grants" or "The Perrys" that sort of thing.

But here's the shocker, you do NOT need an apostrophe when sending out something with the last name, otherwise, it would be possessive. So NO to "The Grant's" on the card. I always make the error of adding an apostrophe when I see a last name that ends in an s, like Jones', but that has nothing to do with making the name Jones plural, it would be Joneses by the way. It looks odd but that's the rules.

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