This past Sunday would have marked the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in downtown Owensboro.  However, that event, like so many, fell victim to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Luckily, the American Cancer Society has remained dedicated to the fundraising cause and, as it has for years now, rounded up various businessmen and local celebrities for its Real Men Who Wear Pink campaign.  One of them is my good friend Matthew Fitzgerald.

Matt has set a lofty goal for his campaign, which runs the rest of the week.  He's trying to raise $2500 and he needs YOUR help in getting there.

Matt is a cancer survivor himself and understands the impact it has on families and the community.  That's why he didn't hesitate a moment when he was asked the join the Real Men Wear Pink campaign.  "Breast cancer affects everyone.  It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman.  That's why I am stepping up to fight breast cancer with all I have."

The American Cancer Society uses funds raised from Making Strides and Real Men Who Wear Pink campaigns to fund breast cancer research and provide vital resources to victims of the disease.

Today, Matt and his friend Drew Hardesty (from Wonder Boy Media) joined Angel and me on the WBKR morning show to chat about their campaigns and the mission.  Both men are "wearing pink" and working hard to raise money.


If you'd like to donate to Matt's Real Men Who Wear Pink campaign, you can do so by CLICKING HERE!  If you want to make a contribution to Drew's campaign, you can do that HERE.

To see all the men participating in this year's Real Men campaign, CLICK HERE!

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