My mini-me Jeffrey Rhinerson called me yesterday to let me know about his brand new fundraiser.  Jeff is participating in the annual Real Men Who Wear Pink campaign for the American Cancer Society.  Each year, various men from the community step up and offer to "wear pink" during the month of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  In addition to committing to wearing pink all month long, each participant agrees to raise money for the war on breast cancer.  And that's exactly what Jeff is doing.

He just launched a t-shirt campaign and is selling Faith, Hope and Love shirts to help achieve his fundraising goal of $5000.  By the way, Jeff set his goal lower than that but, yesterday when I was on the phone with him, I twisted his arm a bit and nudged him to shoot for a higher goal.  I think it helped that he was sitting in the drive-thru at McDonald's and was more focused on getting his order of Chicken McNuggets and lemonade than he was my demands that he raise more money.  LOL!.

But, at any rate, he agreed to gun for $5000.  To help him get there, Jeff needs YOU!


You can contribute directly to Jeff's fundraising site by CLICKING HERE!

Or you can order one of his brand new Faith, Hope, Love shirts!


Nice, right?  All sizes are $15 and to place an order you can call Anna Way with the American Cancer Society at 270-993-1335 or pick one up at Old National Bank's local branches, including the branch downtown where Jeff works.

The Real Men Who Wears Pink campaign continues through the month of October and, it's important to note, that Jeff isn't in this alone.  There's an entire team of local men rallying around the cause.  Meet all the candidates from the ACS Real Men Wear Pink Campaign.

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