Please understand that just because I was raised by a funeral director who was also a licensed mortician that I don't think I'm the only type of person who appreciates what I saw from a group of teens in Franklinton, Louisiana on Facebook.

The decorum surrounding funerals and, generally, just what takes place when someone dies has always resonated with me.

Whether it's stopping your car when a procession passes or just removing your hat or not moving, if you're on foot--it all means a great deal to me and to those who are mourning.

Owensboroans are really incredibly respectful folks. I see it all the time.

And I'm not saying we've cornered the market on this behavior. It's just that this where I live.

A woman named Lynn Bickham Bienvenu posted the following on her Facebook page:

These guys were playing basketball and just stopped to take a knee out of respect when the procession passed.

The moment has been covered nationwide, including by Baton Rouge's FOX affiliate, WVLA.

No one was there to encourage them to stop playing. They just did it.

Consider me officially impressed by them AND by their parents.





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