The holidays are here and that means more, much more food is going to be in our lives. And, that also means that we will have more left overs. There will lots of plastic containers, tin foil and plastic wrap.

I always use containers and foil way maple than I ever use plastic wrap. It’s because it's always such a pain in the but to deal with. Every time I try to use it, it gets all stuck together and I end up wasting more than I actually use. It’s so frustrating. I always feel like a toddler trying to wrap a present.

Apparently, I have been doing it all wrong, What I mean is I have been storing it all wrong. Yep, it’s a little known direction that isn’t even printed on the box pf plastic wrap. Not sure how we were supposed to figure this out, but thankfully somebody did.

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Is this really true? Yes. Its basically science. According to,

...plastic wrap is also known to create static electricity which leads to the argument for storing it in the freezer. ...cold air cuts back on static. However, plastic wrap also loses its stickiness in colder temps for molecular reasons.

There you go! Now happy plastic wrapping!

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