Maybe it was a bad day. Not for me...the animals. I'd always heard about the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, but the day I went, it was a total snooze-fest.

Most of the animals were really just laying around and doing nothing. Like they were all sleepy at the same time.

Plus, you really had to walk a while in between exhibits.

The next time I head to Tennessee to get my animal fix, I'll take a drive out to Alamo, about 45 minutes northwest of Jackson and 230 miles from Owensboro.

Google Maps says the best way to get there is to go down I-69 toward the I-24 interchange and then take 69 down through the Purchase to Tennessee.

Anyway, when you get there, you'll find the Tennessee Safari Park.

I pride myself on knowing about these things. But I'd never heard about this until the other day.

It's a drive-through safari park, a walk-through safari, and a wild animal preserve.

And that just sounds like a BLAST!

You can interact with the animals from your car. But then you can park, hop out, grab a bite, and enjoy the walk-through part.

The Tennessee Safari Park is open year-round, with the exception of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, and any day inclement weather necessitates closure.

According to its website, this is the current collection at the Safari Park.

Okay, it looks like I have something I need to do in 2019.

Maybe I'll see you at the Park.


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