Just the other evening, I was driving down an Owensboro street that, during the warm months, also serves as one of my bicycle paths.

I love riding my bicycle and I miss it during the winter. I do ride on the rare occasion, but, hey, it's cold in the winter. News flash.

I guess I need to obtain the proper garments that will keep me from freezing things off while riding, because I really do miss it. In addition to it being great exercise, there's also a great nostalgic factor. I'm always transported back to my youth when I'm on my bike.

Maybe if I got this new bicycle that's completely enclosed, my problems would be solved.

It's called a PodRide and, unlike a bicycle, it has four wheels. I guess that makes it a quadricycle? (I didn't get a spell check alert, so I guess that's right.)

It has no handle bars. You steer via levers on either side of the seat you occupy while you're inside it. And, yes, that would take some getting used to. But I'd get used to it. Who wouldn't want to ride around in an oversized Fisher Price toy car? Check out a demonstration.

By the way, MyPodRide.com calls it an e-bike because it is electric. That works for me. Listen, this thing would save us all a lot of money. Just attach a little trailer for those quick trips to the store and you're set.

Now, I don't know how much this thing costs. The website doesn't even have pricing set up for it yet. That's now new it is.

But I want one. (And I guess if it's too prohibitively expensive, WANT will be as far I go.)

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