My name is Chad.  And I may be slightly obsessed with and addicted to Ollie's. I'm not kidding.  I literally may need an intervention.  When I talk in my sleep, I may or may not mumble "Good stuff cheap."  This is how bad (or sad) it's gotten.  Last Friday, I decided that I was going to do something "fun" after work because I have been working non-stop for weeks and wanted to treat myself and do something just for me.  THIS is what I did.

I went to freaking Ollie's!  Seriously.  I couldn't get there fast enough.  If I could have skipped, I would have.  Not only did I go, I couldn't wait to get there and pillage the store shelves like I was in an apocalyptic end-of-days film.  Literally, I busted up in that store like I was stockpiling for a nuclear holocaust.  See????????


I would like to point your attention to some signs deep in the basket that are true indicators that I may have some slight mental health issues related to this store.

#1- Do you see the canister of Nivea Men Shaving Gel right there on the top?  It's actually a great deal on a soothing and effective shaving cream.  Nivea products are relatively expensive.  But not at Ollie's.  These canisters are like two bucks.  Heckuva deal, right?  RIGHT!  The only issue?  I already have about four other canisters of it at home.  Like what on Earth?  Am I anticipating being infected by some Duck Dynasty virus that will make my facial hair grow exponentially?

#2- Look deep into the basket!  Do you see the giant blue canisters near the bottom on the left.  Though you may not be able to see them all, there are FOUR of them.  FOUR!  It's some body wash that claims to mimic the smell of Ralph Lauren Polo.  And they were Army surplus-sized and only cost like $2.20 a piece.  I simply could not, in good conscience, pass up that deal.  Of course, I need to confess that I have about ten other bottles of body wash sitting in the cabinet at home.  Those were seized during previous "fun day" trips to Ollie's.  I am not going to run out of body wash until I'm 56-years-old.

#3- Do you see all the packages of Lenz-Clenz?    Yep!  I bought four of those too.  AND I DON'T EVEN WEAR GLASSES!  Now, in my defenz (LOL), Kevin does.  However, he's still working on the FIRST bottle of Lenz-Clenz I bought him about two months ago.  And there were already some spare bottles in the house.  Now, we have a little Lenz-Clenz herd roaming the plains of our home.

And you can't even see what's NOT in that basket of bargain-shopping crack.  I bought two three-ring binders.  Ya'll know I like to travel and I keep travel info for each destination we visit in a separate folder or binder.  While that may be a touch obsessive-compulsive (or a lot), it helps me keep organized and allows me to be a walking the walking-talking Encyclopedia Expedia that I am.

However, on this particular trip to Ollie's, I only needed ONE binder . . . but I bought two because they were on sale.  Like really??!!  I mean, they are about four bucks cheaper at Ollie's than they are anywhere else.  I can't resist Ollie's charm and advances.

Okay, so enough about me (because I sound like some body wash and some office supply hoarder).  I have shown you my bargain-hunting obsession.  I have shown you my Ollie.  Now, show me YOURS!

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