A 22-page-long official document was just released listing over 7,000 obscene and or offensive terms you can't put on a customized Illinois license plate.

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Illinois Pick-A-Plate

Think you've come up with the perfectly offensive personalized vanity plate word or term that will sneak past the Illinois Secretary of State's Office?

Alexi Giannoulias is watching and there's a good chance you won't sneak one past him.

How do I know you probably won't fool him or anybody else involved with 'keeping it clean' on the license plates? Because thousands of people before you have tried, and guess what happened?


The censors got 'em.

Go ahead, try Pick-A-Plate right now. You can type your clever word or term and see what happens.

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Illinois Special Plates Inhibit List

Illinois has more personalized license plates than any other state, so it comes as no surprise that the list of things you can't put on the plates is so long.

This is the official list that was just released and it features all the creative folks with their dirty little phrases who came before you and failed to get the license plate they wanted.

At present, the Special Plates Inhibit List is 22 pages long and features 7,445 custom license plates that the state bans from Illinois vehicles. The list was recently shared by wgntv.com, and as they stated,

[...] be warned that you may find 99 percent of these terms objectionable or even obscene.


At the risk of getting in trouble with my bosses, I will not post over 7,000 dirty phrases. You're going to need to click the Special Plates Inhibit List above to see what you can't put on your Illinois license plate.

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If you've found yourself sitting in your car and offended by the license plate in front of you, you call always fill out an 'Offensive License Plate Contact Form' HERE.

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