A Kentucky Police Department had a first-ever in the history of the department.  They pulled a man over when something about his license plate just didn't look right.

Just when you think you have heard it all someone goes and gets all artsy and think outside of the box and make their own license plate.

Millersburg Police Officers got quite the surprise after pulling over the driver, they realized not only was the plate a  handmade drawing, the driver was also driving without insurance and on a suspended license.  Talk about being in the wrong place, in the wrong car, with the wrong license plate, and no license plate.

The reason it caught the local authorities' attention...he forgot to draw the registration sticker on the plate.  Didn't anyone tell him attention to detail is SUPER important?!

Do yourself a favor and go read the comment section of the post.  It is quite entertaining.

Our law enforcement officials are pretty darn fun and entertaining but when it comes to breaking the law they have a job to do.

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