A couple of years ago, I made a pilgrimage to North Dakota. Yes, I know that you've already asked why.

Well, I'm trying to visit all 50 states, and it was number 45. The other five are in the Pacific Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, Washington), the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Hawaii), and partially within the Arctic Circle (Alaska).

In North and South Dakota, on interstate highways, the speed limit is 80 miles per hour. And that might explain why I didn't see one single state police cruiser. 80 is a pretty fast speed to maintain. I don't see why you'd need to pump it to 85 or 89. But that's just me.

Anyway, I didn't see one. But I did see some in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa on the way up. And they stood out as being pretty plain.

So it's no surprise to me that Kentucky's beautiful silver/gray and blue state police cruisers have once again been named the nation's best-looking. Indiana came in sixth.

Up until a couple of years ago, I didn't know there WAS such a contest, but, yes, the Commonwealth has come through again.

And it happened very democratically, by way of a survey posted by the American Association of State Troopers, who will be publishing images of the top twelve finishers in a calendar that goes on sale in September.

If you'll recall, I've always beaten the "film more movies in Kentucky" drum because there are so many awesome locations for shooting. I'm sure there's a financial reason why it doesn't happen more often.

But after seeing Kentucky's cruisers appear in films like U.S. Marshals or on television in series like Justified, you'd think they'd WANT a reason to put these beautiful vehicles on screen.

Yeah, I know, that's hardly enough, but I can dream, can't I?

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