First, let me say up front that I am NOT blaming the city of Owensboro. At all. This one's on me.

Within the last few years, as certain roads and byways (for lack of a better term and I'll explain why later) have become more popular, it has become necessary for stop signs to be added to intersections where they once were not present.

There are two such intersections that get a visit from me and my car more regularly than others.

These are intersections that have not always had stop signs but have now had them long enough that I should, by now, be well aware that they are there.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not running this stop signs every time I approach them. But there are still times when I forget they are there.

One such sign is at the intersection of Scherm Road and Christie Place. It threw me for the longest time after it was put up. I have since gotten used to it. But with that Lewis Lane intersection nearby, I guess I still sometimes forget about it and have to slam the brakes.

Dave Spencer

The other is at the intersection of Park Plaza Drive, Frost Avenue, and the lot behind Kroger/Wesleyan Park Plaza. (What is that anyway? Can it be called a "byway?")

Dave Spencer

In fact, I ran that one the other because I completely forgot the stop sign was there. The driver coming out of Frost Avenue was none too happy with me, so I just pulled over and let him go around me. It was only fair.

Are there other intersections in town where there are "new" stop signs that are throwing Owensboro drivers?

Let me know.