If you would have said at the start of the 2017 NCAA Tournament that these would be the teams we'd have in the Final Four, I'd say you're crazy. I still can't wrap my mind around this Madness!

One team has been there and done that racking up six Championships. Another team has only been there once. There's a team remaining that hasn't even won an NCAA Tournament game. EVER. And, one of my favorite tournament teams made it to the Elite Eight a couple of years ago, but will finally make their first trip to the Final Four!

Can you solve this puzzle?

North Carolina is the team with six NCAA Championships. After beating Kentucky yesterday 75-73, they hold the record for the most Final Four appearances (20) than any other team in history. They are a tough, solid team that has the best chance to add Championship number seven to their resume.

The Oregon Ducks have been to the Final Four just once. We'll have to step back to 1939 when they won the NCAA Championship. The Tarheels will need to get past a very hot Oregon Ducks squad that played, in my opinion, the best game of the tournament against the Florida Gators. They were a bit sloppy when they were almost beat by my Michigan Wolverines and I wondered how they'd respond in their next game and respond they did. Jordan Bell is a great player and North Carolina will have to keep him contained.

South Carolina has been to the dance before, but never advanced out of the first round. Something special is happening and we shouldn't count the Gamecocks out. Why not them? They've played in this tournament as a well-rounded team with grit and a never give up attitude that can take them to the finish line! They'll have to face a very hot Gonzaga team to advance to the championship game.

I've followed the Gonzaga Bulldogs for years. I remember the days of Adam Morrison vividly and I'm happy to see them in the Final Four for the very first time! They are my pick to win it all. The Zags are one of the hottest teams only losing one game all year this season. They’ve shot a higher percentage from the field than their opponents in each of their last 45 games. Hot indeed! Przemek Karnowski is a heck of a ball player. He’s the key to a Bulldogs victory. When he’s hot the team can’t lose.

However this all plays out, we're in for some great basketball action and I can't wait!

ESPN in a series of tweets pretty much summed up the improbable!

ESPN via Twitter
ESPN via Twitter