Yes, this is happening. In 2018 I will be flying, on an airplane, for the first time. I can't believe it myself sometimes when I think about it, but I'm really excited for my future trip. So where will I be going?

A panoramic view of the beach at Trunk Bay in St John

Ah, what a view! I will be traveling to the US Virgin Islands, specifically St. John, that's Trunk Bay above with Amanda and a group of our friends to celebrate one of my longtime pal's 40th birthday. We'll be staying HERE for a week! OMG!

So although the US Virgin Islands are a US territory, I won't need a traditional passport, but they do require a birth certificate and a government-issued ID. Just to be on the safe side and for future treks outside the country, I'm going to get a passport.

I'm excited and I'm freaking out at the same time. I have until the last week of May to psyche myself up and to conquer one of my greatest fears, flying. My family has flown a lot, but I was always either too busy with school back in the day or work to join them.

Of course I will document my experience, because for me it will be epic and I already know it will be life changing.

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