I made a trip home to see my parents this weekend and I don't know how the subject was brought up but here we go.

I sat down at the kitchen table to eat lunch and Dad, who gets up late most days, was eating his breakfast and reading the paper all of sudden, he said this:

Dad: "I don't like Samuel L. Jackson."

Me: (puzzled) "What?!?"

Dad: "Chickens can fly! He said he one of those commercials (Dad meant one of the "Road to the Final Four" spots with Jackson, Spike Lee, and Charles Barkley) that chickens can't fly, they can."

Me: "How far?

Dad: "As far as they can, they roost in trees!"

I'm speechless.

Dad: "The only way you keep them from flying is if you cut their pen feathers."

Mom was chiming in some, because she and Dad both grew up on farms. So, I went searching for a video to support Dad's claim and he was right.

Now bear in mind, this video wasn't shot on a typical farm where there are chicken coops or a hen house. This farm reminds me of my Uncle Charlie's, he raised chickens in the woods beside his house. I can still hear the roosters relentlessly crowing.

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