I've been asked and we've all been wondering...how will the COVID-19 pandemic affect the April 15th tax deadline.

Well here's how:

The deadline has been extended by 90 days.

CNBC reports that taxpayers will be getting a "three-month reprieve" to pay income taxes for 2019.

Taxpayers who owe up to one million dollars will have an extra 90 days to get that payment in.

CNBC also says that during that three-month period, we won't be subject to interest or penalties.

Obviously, if you're expecting a refund, you're encouraged to file by April 15th, although most who ARE getting a refund have likely already done that.

Now, while we're all getting a long extension from the federal government, we need to  make sure and check with our respective states' positions regarding THEIR timetable.

But, yes, a question that has been circulating since the COVID-19 crisis erupted has been answered.

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