Have you ever visited a Restoration Hardware location? I did one time at the chichi Mall at Green Hills in Nashville. It's a wealthy-ish neighborhood, and that's where Restoration Hardware stores can usually be found.

I'd always heard of them but had no idea what to expect when I ventured inside. The first thing I did was throw all of my notions about what a hardware should look like out the window. And when I came across a $100 shower curtain, that's when I knew the score. Take a gander:

So, yes, Restoration Hardware is above my pay grade, but it's still a fascinating way to kill some time. Certainly, everything in the store--down to towel rods for the bathroom--is gorgeous and, as I mentioned, pricey. But it was a fun stroll.

The new Restoration Hardware location in Indianapolis figures to be much more than that. Since the chain already caters to an elevated tax bracket, it sort of makes sense that they'd take a $14 million mansion--the DeHaan estate--and turn it into a Restoration Hardware, complete with a restaurant, wine bar, and terrace.

I already considered Restoration Hardware a tourist attraction, but now it's really driving that point home. Here's a look at the DeHaan estate in Indianapolis prior to its transformation; Sotheby's--who listed the property--must have been salivating to get their hands on this one.

So the next time you're in the Indianapolis area--where there is NO shortage of fun to be had--maybe you swing by the all-new Restoration Hardware. Now that it's retail, it'll be much easier to gain entry.

[SOURCE: WTHR-Indianapolis]

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