The temperatures all but bottomed out this weekend when that arctic front rolled through. And while I did see the occasional creature while I was out yesterday, they were all wild and, because of that, can presumably handle such a situation.

And I'm afraid that the adaptability of wildlife to weather and surroundings makes some people think their PETS can handle the extreme cold as well.

But, in many cases, that would be a mistake.

Some dogs have coats so thin, it's like me wearing a t-shirt and thinking that would be plenty on a 25-degree day.

(SPOILER ALERT: It wouldn't.)

The city of Indianapolis agrees and has taken steps to protect pets, if necessary, with a law that would level up to a $200 fine IF those pets were left outside during bitter cold.

And, actually, the cold doesn't have to be that bitter.

According to Fox 59 in Indy, the law, while requiring pet owners to bring their furry loved ones inside when the temps dip below 20k, also requires pets to have insulated shelter, of some sort, if temperatures get below 40.

What do you think? Is that a law that should be implemented here in the tri-state?


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