I have to admit that this whole Gabe's Tower thing has been incredibly confusing. From who really owns it to whatever who owns it is going to do with it...my head is spinning.

On Tuesday afternoon, we learned that a private citizen, Owensboro businessman Robert Zimmerman, could become the new owner of the tower.

Now, it seems, we've learned that the folks from Pennsylvania who DO own it HAVE sold it to Zimmerman, according to a report from Eyewitness News' Mike Pickett.

And now city attorney Ed Ray is talking about new negotiations and, well, there would have to be since the tower would have a new owner who could have other plans for the structure.

The city of Owensboro wants the property for a bus station. And Ray told Pickett that the city is ready to file for condemnation as soon as that's possible, but when will THAT be?

I can't honestly think what the building could be used for, at this point.

I guess I'm right back where I was at the beginning of this blog...completely confused.

Will Gabe's Tower EVER come down?


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