When we were kids and we'd find stray shopping carts anywhere near the neighborhood, we would commandeer them and let our imaginations do the rest.

We never got as far as I wanted go because we couldn't. You see, I always thought it would be fun to figure out to attach some kind of motor to one of those carts and then just take off, never thinking of how in the world I'd steer the stupid thing.

But we were never putting a motor on a shopping cart. I can just imagine how short THAT conversation would've been with any of our parents.

But you could sure pull it around on a bicycle. That probably wasn't the best idea either, but it worked.

I thought about makeshift shopping cart inventions when I saw what this man had done with a leaf blower, an umbrella, and a janitor's mop bucket, and yes, a motorized skateboard. Many of the commenters noticed it and have called him out. I do have to wonder...without a motorized skateboard, could this work at all?

So, after cogitating over a while and wondering if I should even continue with the story, I decided, "Hey, this is a good idea, regardless."

Maybe the leaf blower and the umbrella are being used to STEER the makeshift vehicle. I don't know enough about physics to know just how much wind from a leaf blower and how big an umbrella you'd need to make this happen.

And I know I can't find out because my rear end is too big to fit into a mop bucket.


But instead of joining the chorus of voices that are raining on this man's parade (hey, at least he has an umbrella), I think I'll just tip my hat and say, "Congratulations...you've brightened up a dreary Monday."

At this point, I couldn't care less if he's using a motorized skateboard or if he IS trying to pull one over on people.

He's riding around on a mop bucket with a leaf blower and an umbrella.

Good enough for me.

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