Brantley Gilbert is looking to stick to a tried-and-true strategy when it comes to his kids on Christmas: Keep it simple. Over the years, the star says his children have not been interested in the price tag of their toys. Instead, they gravitate toward things that hold their attention.

"My kids are like every other kid," he explains in a statement via his record label. "You could probably spend a million bucks on ‘em and then throw a water bottle in the middle of the floor, and they’re gonna play with the water bottle. I appreciate that about my kids."

Gilbert and his wife Amber have two children, Barrett, 5, and Braylen, 3. Since young kids tend to have lots of energy, the couple try to find gifts that will tire them out.

"We try to gift ‘em things to keep them active, like Bray got a bike for her third birthday. Barrett got a bike. But we got him a four wheeler for Christmas one year and he loves it, he rides it every now and then, but we’re kinda drawin’ him back towards things to keep him active and wear him out. But they really are good at really playing with whatever is around ‘em," Gilbert shares.

Ultimately, he believes his children truly appreciate the things they are given — even though his daughter, Braylen, might take things to a new level.

"The giftin’ thing for them, I think they appreciate it, they think it’s cool. But if you tell her today that if she does good she can get a piece of gum tomorrow, she’ll be waiting on that piece of gum tomorrow, and she’s just as excited about that as she is anything in the world," he adds.

Being a father of two — and certainly being a dad of a daughter — has smoothed out some of Gilbert's rough edges. He admits that having a little girl is bringing out his softer side, and not afraid to admit that he is wrapped around her little finger. However, she does have a dark side — something he says his son could use a dose of.

"My boy's soft-hearted, he really is," he shares with Taste of Country Nights. "He's just got a kind, genuine little heart. And as much as I love that, we gotta rub some dirt on it a little bit. This world ain't no joke, man. Nobody's in a hurry to do you any favors."

Adds Gilbert: "My daughter, on the other hand, will probably run a criminal organization in kindergarten."

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