With summer approaching, there is a pretty cool snack hack that you're going to want to know if you get regular cases of the munchies, like myself. As a Hoosier, one of my favorite snacks to take with me anywhere I go is, of course, popcorn. I don't care if it's covered in butter or caramel; I'll take it either way. However, going forward, I'll be packing both of those options, along with an assortment of my other favorite snacks, thanks to the "snacklebox."

You're probably familiar with the concept of a tacklebox. It's just a little box with several different compartments used to hold your bait and tackle while fishing. The snacklebox is essentially the same thing, except instead of fishing lures, these bad boys are filled with ready-to-eat foods. You could use a regular tackle box for this, but my recommendation is to use a container specifically designed to hold food, like this one available on Amazon. If you want an official snacklebox, you can get those here.

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Southern Living describes the snacklebox as a portable version of charcuterie, which is just another term to describe meat that has been preserved, like sausage or ham. However, the concept has expanded to include really anything you can shove into those little compartments. For me, I'd probably go with popcorn, sharp cheddar cheese cubes, some Ritz crackers, and maybe even a Slim Jim or two.

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The snacklebox honestly feels like an adult version of Lunchables, which is really the original portable snack box, if you think about it. The idea was genius because I, my friends, and every kid I knew ate hundreds of those things growing up. (Can we all agree that the pizza ones need some work?) That said, unlike lunchables, the snacklebox allows you to fill those little trays with whatever you like. Additionally, you can reuse them. What would you put in your snacklebox?

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