Two Kentucky cities just received some high honors by being named among the best places to live in the United States. Care to guess which cities made the cut?

Kentucky towns are really a hot topic lately. When it comes to the Commonwealth, we have no shortage of small towns with a few big cities scattered in there too. Everyone has small-town pride nowadays.  Recently we have covered many of these towns in articles such as Kentucky city is one of the most mispronounced places in America, the safest town in Kentucky, a Kentucky city named one of the rudest in America, and one Kentucky city is among the best in the nation for pet owners.

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To keep up with the theme of Kentucky towns, the website, Money, recently ranked The 50 Best Places To Live In the U.S. Money says they chose 50 cities and towns that offer affordability, good schools, and strong job markets. As it turns out, two Kentucky cities found themselves on this list, so let's find out which ones.

Two Kentucky Cities Named Among Best Places to Live in the U.S.

According to Money, two Kentucky cities are among the top 50 best places to live in the country. First up on the list is Lexington. As you know, Lexington has so much to offer from the University of Kentucky games, concerts, horse racing, bourbon tasting, and adventure chasing. Money says this about Lexington:

Respondents to our reader poll described Lexington as “clean and safe” with great schools and an air of “Southern hospitality.” The clincher? Lexington’s median home price is just over $370,000 — higher than much of the rest of the state, but a steal compared to cities with similar size and culture.

If you guessed Louisville as the second Kentucky city to make this list, you would be incorrect. That honor goes to Covington, a city right outside of Cincinnati. According to Money:

Covington has one of the lowest median home listing prices on our list of Best Places to Live, making it an affordable place to put down roots. From a community standpoint, the city puts heavy emphasis on inclusivity: It’s home to the Esperanza Latino Center, has banned conversion therapy, recognizes Juneteenth, and hosts NKY Pride every summer. You’ll fit right in.

These cities offer a unique blend of culture, community, and opportunity making them stand out as the best in Kentucky and the U.S. That being said, do you think another Kentucky city was more fitting to be among the top cities in the United States to live in?

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