One of my favorite memories from childhood was our fifth-grade field trip to Mammoth Caves. I distinctly remember being in one of the caverns, listening to the guide tell us about the history of the caves, and thinking about how cold it was. As I grew up, we did lots of horseback riding through the Mammoth Cave area. It was always beautiful. We still love camping and hiking in the area, but I will admit—I don't enjoy hiking alone. As a single woman with a child on the trail in the middle of the woods, I often worry about potential risks.

I prefer to hike with others. When I saw that Mammoth Cave will be offering weekly free hikes, I was really excited.

Hart County naturalist Steve Kistler will be leading the hikes every Monday and Thursday from March 18 to April 29. The Bird Hikes begin at 8:30 am and the Wildflower Hikes begin at 11:15 am. They leave from the park visitor center. Each hike generally lasts about 2 hours. They are free, and everyone is welcome to join. The bird hikes are not a good match for very young children, Steve cautions, as they don't have the skills to use binoculars. Steve has several pairs of binoculars to loan, but if you have a pair, please bring them.
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The Best Wildflower Trails in Mammoth Cave State Park

Now, if you can't make it down on a Monday or a Thursday, you can always hike on a weekend - they just won't be guided. They have put together a list of the best wildflower hikes in the park. Here's a more comprehensive guide to the wildflower trails as well as a list of all the trails of Hart Co. . 
  • Cedar Sink Trail
  • River Styx Trail to Green River Bluffs Trail
  • The Echo River Spring Trail
  • The Boardwalk Trail around Sloan's Crossing Pond
  • Turnhole Bend Nature Trail
  • Temple Hill Trailhead down to First Creek Lake

And if you are looking for a guide to the birds of Mammoth Cave State Park, you can find that here.

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