Oh, just wait 'til I tell my nephew. He has always wanted a Jack in the Box to come to Owensboro, but so far, no luck on that front. And even though there are multiple locations in the Nashville area, fans and wannabe fans have always clamored for a Kentucky location.

Jack in the Box & Kentucky

Well, those fans can stop clamoring. Jack in the Box is coming to Kentucky--eclectic menu, vaguely creepy mascot, and all.

While there are those who might say, "Well, what's the big deal; Nashville and Clarksville aren't that far away?" No, they're not if you live in western or south central Kentucky. But if you live in Lexington, you're probably not going to haul it all the way to Music City for a Sourdough Jack, REGARDLESS of how much you love the popular west coast chain.

The Next Jack in the Box Kentucky Location? Lexington

And if there are any fans who live in Lexington and have wanted a Jack in the Box nearby, they are about to get their wish. That's where the next franchise in Kentucky will be located. The first one is already set for Bardstown Road in Louisville.

By the way, the word "potential" has been removed. According to Construction Journal, work on the Louisville restaurant is expected to begin this month, if it hasn't already.

Expect Jack and the Box Restaurants to Pop Up All Over Central Kentucky

So, that's one in Louisville and one in Lexington. But wait, there's more. At least, there WILL be. The Lexington Herald-Leader indicates the company wants to open 15 to 20 restaurants in central Kentucky, and not just in Lexington, where there will be more. It's eyeballing Georgetown, Frankfort, Morehead, London, Winchester, and Richmond.

 The Jack in the Box Menu

If you were unfamiliar with the Jack in the Box menu, that Martha Stewart commercial should've clued you into the variety patrons can expect when they get there. Ribeye steakhouse burgers, jumbo breakfast platters, tacos, chicken teriyaki bowls, and something called the Pineapple Express milkshake, which sounds like it would rock my world.

THIS family said, "To heck with making choices; we're eating ALL of it."

For those who think no one would drive a long-ish distance just for a restaurant, think again. I do it all the time, and I can't be the only one. If something as highly sought-after as Jack in the Box is in play, people will drive.

Who knows? With all the new locations planned, some may hit every one of them and try something different at every stop.

[SOURCE: WKYT-Lexington]

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