Well, the boys thought they would let you know their best and worst of the year, so I thought I'd do the same. Take a look and let me know what you think!I know what y'all are thinking, "Lord knows she'll have her boyfriend, Luke Bryan, at the top!" Well, I'm surprised too, but, he didn't make the list! But, please, don't tell him!!

Here are my Top Ten Favorites from 2011 (PS... this was a fast year!) (PPS... I have no order!) (PPPS.... I really wanted to add "She's Not Me", but thought it might be a little much!)

"Don't You Wanna Stay" Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson

This song is awesome. There, that's it... just awesome! Ok, a little explanation wouldn't hurt. They are meant to sing together. The lyrics are so real and we've all been right there in that moment before. Love it! http://youtu.be/0c4ti6TKzt0

"You And Tequila" Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter

Ok, sure, y'all know how much I love this girl!! But, wow, what a song?!?! Here's another one where as soon as you hear it, you're right back in a situation in your life. It's so powerful and they are fabulous together! http://youtu.be/Q8XkLrErSHw

"Rivertown" John Capps

I know what you just said, "Who?" Haha! Well, John Capps is actually a friend of mine. Some of you saw him when he opened for Chris Knight in Owensboro in August. He is a great singer/songwriter and this song captures the essence of being proud of where you come from. I, honestly, don't normally like songs like this, but Rivertown is an exception. Maybe it's his passion or maybe it's the song. But, I can promise if you like good ole country music, you're gonna love it! http://www.facebook.com/johncappsmusic#!/johncappsmusic?sk=app_178091127385

"Soldiers And Jesus" James Otto

Here's one that really didn't get a lot of air play or make a dent in the chart. But, just a powerful song. And, such a true song. Anything that James Otto sings is going to be amazing vocally and this one doesn't disappoint. Great message! http://youtu.be/-apzM7YiOf8

"Crazy Girl" Eli Young Band

Ahhhh..... this song was written for girls!! Yep, makes me wanna dance like it's Snowball at the skating rink! I love it! As a girl, we know that it's inevitable that we're gonna go crazy from time to time. Well, that's ok with the EYB....they love it! Ha! C'mon, someone ask me to dance! http://youtu.be/J3HwFtdVTfM

"Colder Weather" Zac Brown Band

I remember the first time Chad and I saw ZBB at the Grand Ole Opry. It was one of those moments where we both knew that this group was not only awesome, but one that would make a huge mark on country music. And, they have. The lyrics, music and vocals in this song are so honest, I almost feel like I'm reading his diary. http://youtu.be/oouFE51HcqM

"Four The Record" Miranda Lambert

Ok, Ok...So, this is an entire album. BUT, it's amazing!! I do have a favorite that I think you're gonna love! Better In The Long Run is a duet with her hubby, Blake Shelton. It's amazing! I think the first time I heard it, I just put it on repeat. Here's to hoping they release it as a single! Oh, Fastest Girl In Town is amazing as well. True Miranda fashion... hot, feisty and a little scary! Better In The Long Run http://youtu.be/BG3zS06J-0s 

"Tomorrow" Chris Young

Well, who'd a thunk it? A reality tv show star is actually talented?!?! Haha! Yep, yep he is! And this song definitely proves it! Here's another song that is true country music. Baby, I've gotta let you go, but not right now! Haha! Chris, I'm pretty sure she's gonna have just as hard of a time letting go as you! http://youtu.be/ETVjll5eR88

"I'd Love To Be Your Last" Gretchen Wilson

Yes, it pains me to do this. No, I'm not normally her biggest cheerleader. But, I'll be on top of the pyramid for this song! Wow... Gretchen really makes this old song her own. Most of us don't get love right on the first try. (Oh, you married your 7th grade boyfriend, good for you!Haha!) If this is the kind of music she plans to continue to release, c'mon Gretchen! http://youtu.be/MPAKgBcmRWM

Sure, that may look like only nine, but Miranda counts as two. Yes, she's THAT good!

Ok, so, with all good things must come bad. Here is my garbage pile of music that I was forced to listen to everyday, because it's my job and they make me do it! Whew! I feel better!!

DISCLAIMER:Please don't get mad or say bad things to me if your favorite song is on my list. Seriously, who really cares what I think?!? Haha!

Anything Darius Rucker since he was Hootie. Or, was he the Blowfish?!?! Either way, let's be honest, it's rough! C'mon man... let her cry!

"Red Solo Cup" Toby Keith

Once upon a time, there was a man. He was a country music artist and he was good. Then, he was terrible. The end.

"I Love You This Big" Scotty McCreary

Carsyn, my two year old, and I measure our love for each other the same exact way. Not real sure I want a man telling me this. Makes me feel a little icky. As does the way he holds a microphone. On the other hand, he's a great singer. And, I think he's got some sticking power. Just, please, steer away from the Mother Goose pre-school songs.

That new song from Shania Twain

See, I don't even know what the name of the song is! That's never a good sign. She is such a talented artist, I know she has much better material than that. At least, I really hope she does.

"Ours" Taylor Swift

Ok, just when I thought we were all grown up. Sparks Fly was great! Mature lyrics, without being all Miley Cyrus. And, here we go again! I feel like she's 15 again, and I'll be honest... I can not go back there! I'm gonna chalk this one up as a set-back. I'm trying to be Team Taylor, but this one makes it pretty hard to do.

Now, it's your turn! Yep, we want to know what song is YOUR favorite of 2011. The Big BKR Smackdown starts today! Stay tuned to 92.5 for your chance to vote for your favorite song of the year. What will it be?!?!