When I first saw the song "1994" pop up on the WBKR playlist, all I thought was, "that's the year I graduated from high school", but it was a very big year for Joe Diffie. And when I think of Joe Diffie, I'm reminded of a bizaare memory from, 1994.The chorus of Jason Aldean's latest single includes Diffie song titles in the chorus and and the "Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie" in the refrain. And although "John Deere Green", "Pickup Man", and "Honky Tonk Attitude" were all big hits, one #1 hit is curiously omitted from Aldean's chorus. That would be "Third Rock From The Sun" off Diffie's 1994 album of the same name, which would turn out to be his best performing album on the Billboard Country Charts.

Okay, here's the weird memory. One afternoon, in 1994, a friend of mine was driving around, I think Bowling Green, and she played "Third Rock From The Sun" on her cassette player, I really miss the 90s, and she proceeded to tell me exactly what was going on in the song. As in lyric by lyric. I'll admit, I was NOT exclusively listening to country music back then, so I found this transgression fascinating to say the least. "Cause and effect, chain of events.." right?

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