If you live in or near Jasper, Indiana, you will likely want to commit these words to memory- Cupcakes by Melissa.  Melissa DeMoore started making cupcakes exactly four years ago this month.  It was July of 2016 that she started making cupcakes and cakes for fun for her family and friends.  About a year later, her business was starting to grow (or, should I say, bake) and she committed to really "get things off the ground."

That she did.  Committed to being able to stay at home with her "littles",  Melissa cooked up an absolutely ingenious idea.  About six weeks after the birth of her youngest child, she launched her "Friday Fun Deals" campaign.  Basically, customers were invited to order a dozen cupcakes for $8.  Melissa chose the flavor each week, then baked them up.  Basically, she posted the flavor each week on social media and folks could "claim what they wanted for the week."

As you can imagine, her business boomed.  She got so busy and her list of customers has grown to approximately 700 in less than a year.  Today, Melissa still offers her Friday Fun Deal, but she's had to cut back to two deals per month, instead of weekly, because demand for her cupcakes is so great.  And, well, here's why.  Look at these!

Cupcakes by Melissa

To see more of Melissa's cupcake creations and place an order, visit her official Facebook page!

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