I'm a fan of JC Penney. They have clothes for tall guys like me and they're affordable. So when I hear about the company closing stores, I do a double take.

Fortunately the Owensboro store in Towne Square Mall has never made one of those unfortunate lists.

Recently, a new list of 138 store closures was issued.

That list included a tri-state location--the one at Jasper Manor Center.

But hold the phone...

Since that list was issued, customers--JC Penney fans, if you will--have been doing business with the long-time retailer in much greater numbers.

I like hearing that.

If you like shopping at JC Penney, then go out and support it, for crying out loud instead of waiting until it's too late.

Of course, the other shoe is about to drop.

The closures have merely been delayed a couple of months.

But, let's see what happens. Maybe enough shoppers can get into those stores and create another delay.

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