For many of you, reading any further will not be necessary. But for many others of you, read on if you're interested in visiting a cool destination tailor-made for fall weather.

As a way of explaining that first sentence, I began seeing Facebook posts about this wonderful recreation and conservation area about two years ago. At first you might think it's somewhere down in the Mammoth Cave National Park area, and you'd be forgiven; there are caves here.

Jeffreys Cliffs Conservation and Recreation Area in Hancock County KY

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I learned there was something like this just a little more than a half an hour from my front door. But, then again, it's only been open for three years.

Now, I've been assured that there are "levels" with regard to the trails at Jeffreys Cliffs. By that I mean there are trails for those who have great knees and trails for those who don't, to put it in the simplest, most relatable terms. And those terms were conveyed to me by my friend Daniel who may be the biggest Jeffreys Cliffs fan I know. He's there all the time, and he took these:

Daniel Irvin/Facebook
Daniel Irvin/Facebook

In fact, here's how big a fan Daniel IS of the Cliffs. He made a coaster using his picture of Morgans Cave. It's on the left. (The others are from Rocky Side Park, John James Audubon State Park, and Rudy Mines Trails At Ben Hawes Park.)

Daniel Irvin; Canva
Daniel Irvin; Canva

When You Can Visit Jeffreys Cliffs

While Jeffreys Cliffs sees most of its traffic during the year's warmer months, it IS open year round but only Friday through Monday, with the following exceptions:

So there you go. The need to wrack your brain for "one more thing" to add to your fall itinerary no longer exists. And when you get to Jeffreys Cliffs in Hancock County, don't be surprised if you run into someone you know. This little western Kentucky hidden gem is no longer one of the Commonwealth's best-kept secrets.

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