Jennifer Lawrence made sure Jubilee Divito's Christmas was one she would never forget.

It wasn't the Divito family's plan to spend Christmas in the hosptial, but that's ultimately what had to happen. 15-year-old Jubilee Divito of Newburgh had recently had surgery as a result of her cancer diagnosis, and although originally optimistic, spending Christmas at home wasn't going to be possible this year.

Jubilee was diagnosed acute lymphocytic leukemia earlier this year, and was recently admitted into the hospital in mid-December with an infection. However, what seemed likely to be a less-than-perfect Christmas took a surprising turn when a Hollywood star showed up to show Jubilee some support.

Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence made a surprise visit to Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville to lift the spirits of children spending their Christmas holiday in the hospital. She even made a quick stop by Jubilee's room to drop off a gift and take some photos.

Norton Children's Hospital is near to Lawrence's heart. Last year, Lawrence donated $2 million to establish Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

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