It's a big day for Jennifer Nettles, who is paving the way into a solo career. Her album 'That Girl' streets Tuesday (Jan. 14), and to boost excitement, she stopped into the 'Today' show to deliver a performance of a new song, 'Falling.'

The newest song provided a chance for Nettles to show off her impeccable vocals, which she did. Wearing a black and white minidress, Nettles captivated viewers with the emotive lyrics.

'Falling' feels more vulnerable than her catchy title track 'That Girl' and will only leave you with wanting more music from the recently solo singer. In fact, you may find yourself 'falling' more in love with the songstress, as her rendition feels intimately personal -- and Nettles tells Matt Lauer that's exactly how the whole prospect of going solo feels.

"When you're going out on your own, there's a little bit of vulnerability that's different," she admits. "It makes me feel vulnerable."

Her live performance on 'Today' is reminiscent of the entire 11-track album, which was tracked live, producing a raw and intimate feel. 'That Girl' is the proud product of the Sugarland star's work over the past three years.

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