When I was growing up in Kentucky, I didn't really appreciate it. I thought of "Kentucky" as being the furthest thing from where I wanted to end up. Guess where I am sitting today? That's right... I'm in my office at 92.5 WBKR, the heritage country station in Owensboro, where I did my college internship with the same people I grew up knowing and loving. But, I have a new respect for Kentucky and all the things that give it that distinct local flavor.

One of the most endearing things about Kentucky is the homegrown music that sprouts from its small towns. The day I turned 21, I was hired at the Boiler Room in Owensboro. I heard a lot of bands go through there but my favorite was always Floord. I fell in love with frontman Josh Mitcham's voice and their music wasn't like all the others. It was true. It was real. It was... Kentucky.

Time marched on. I left the bar. I pursued a family and a "real career," and all that went with them. So did Josh. I had no idea our professional paths would cross again in grown-up land.

When I walked into WBKR this morning, I saw a couple of artists, carrying guitars, walking toward the studio. I popped my head out of the office when I heard a familiar twang. I was delighted to see a dear old friend who is on a life journey that he was meant to walk, and WBKR was a stop along that journey.

Josh left his full-time teaching career to focus on his newest band: Breckenridge County boys, Jericho Woods. Their soulful southern country sound is the equivalent of a cool, smooth lowball of bourbon on a steamy summer night in the Bluegrass State. And the world is taking notice of Kentucky's favorite band. Their new single "Better Now" is available on iTunes and Spotify and is even in rotation on country radio.

I only come to Owensboro once a week for work and my usual day is Thursday. So, when my meeting was canceled I thought about coming tomorrow, but I'm so glad I made the trip over today.

Celebrating the release of "Better Now" and hearing the guys perform live made a random Wednesday morning among my favorites. And, when I heard guitarist/vocalist Paul Priest say, "Our music isn't for teenagers; our music is for the soccer moms! I hope I hear every minivan in Daviess County blaring Jericho Woods today..." I knew we'd get along just fine!

Support the "barn-cured" band Jericho Woods by buying their new single, attending their shows, and requesting their song on your favorite country radio station! I know I will! And, I can't wait for the day when I can say, "I knew those guys when..."


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